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Welcome to our Hot news blog. We will publish articles to celebrate the amazing gift of nature – chilli. From chilli of the month to showcasing our growers, we also have a section to cover anything interesting about chillies.

Supplier News January 2020

Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, India and Turkey are amongst the countries where our chillies are carefully grown for us. We work with farmers and growers of all sizes whose key attribute is to guarantee full field to factory traceability.

In Turkey we work with a family run business based in Denizli in the south west of the country. Altuntas were established in 1971 and are an ‘A’ BRC accredited supplier.

One of the chillies we source from Turkey is the Isot Biber – Capsicum annuum – also known as Urfa Biber and Aleppo Pepper. Heat wise (30-50,000 Scoville) it is not that hot, giving more of a build-up of heat. Flavour wise is has a raisin, sweet, smoky rich taste like sticky toffee pudding.

The chillies are sun dried under the sunny skies of Turkey and at night put to bed wrapped up tightly. An infusion happened leaving a deep red, slightly oily pepper.

In Peru, there is a ‘go to sauce’ for everything Huancaina Sauce, across the Middle East, everyone reaches for the Isot Pepper.