Pest Control Management

What is Pest Control Management?

Pest control management is the process of identifying, preventing, controlling, and eliminating a pest problem (rodents, insects, etc.) and may or may not include the use of chemicals.

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Pest Control Management and Chillies

  • Chillies are very susceptible to attack by a variety of pests which can reduce their yield, safety and/or quality making the management and control of pests at every step of the supply chain critical.
  • During cultivation and storage chillies can be attacked by birds, rodents and insects so a variety of interventions are required.

How does the Chilli Doctor Technical Team Ensure Pest Control Management?

  • Knowledge of the supply chain and the threats from pests at each step.
  • Approving suppliers who can demonstrate that pest control management is robust from farm to factory including all transport steps.
  • Checking for the presence of pest infestation before and during off-loading and before storage.
  • Ensuring the external provider of pest management services is a member of the British Pest Control Association.
  • Assuring that relevant staff are trained to recognise and report any signs of pest activity.
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