Dehydration Factors

What are dehydration factors?

During drying chilli moisture is reduced to prevent microorganism proliferation but the loss of water concentrates contaminant residues such as pesticides and the degree of concentration is termed the dehydration factor.

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What is the significance of dehydration factors?

  • The amount of contaminant residue in fresh chillies is subject to legislation and the dehydration factor can be applied to some test results for dried chillies to calculate the amount that would have been present when those chillies were fresh.
  • The European Spice Association (ESA) recommends that the dehydration factor for dried chillies should be 10.

How does the Chilli Doctor Technical Team Use Dehydration Factors?

  • Checking contaminant residue test results and applying the dehydration factor to high results to determine whether compliance with legislation has been achieved.
  • Rejecting chillies if test results with the dehydration factor applied are above legal limits.
  • Ensuring suppliers are aware of the legislative requirements for contaminant residues in dried chillies and are able to comply.
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