Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids  (PAs)

What are Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids?

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) are a group of naturally occurring alkaloids produced by plants as a defence mechanism against insects herbivores. In excessive amounts PAs cause liver damage and permissible levels are legislated for.

HO, H, OH & N Chemical Elements Each chilli product is tested every harvest Chemistry bottle

Typical Causes of PA Contamination

  • More than 660 PAs have been identified in over 6,000 flowering plants, many of which are common weeds, and these are the major source of contamination.
  • Chillies are not particularly susceptible to PA contamination as they are relatively tall plants which are hand harvested.

How does the Chilli Doctor Technical Team Manage PA Risk?

  • Knowledge of the supply chain
  • By undertaking a thorough assessment of suppliers to ensure that they can provide legal products before they can be approved.
  • Assessing the level of supplier knowledge about the prevention of PA contamination is adequate.
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