Welcome to the Chilli Doctor product list.

Here you can find the extensive range of chillies that we can supply. Our range is growing all the time as we discover new chillies from around the world.

If there is anything you are unable to see listed, please get in touch and we will source it for you based on minimum order quantities being achieved.  Due to the seasonal nature of chilli as a crop, we may request contract buying but this will depend on the product requested.

To get more information – get in touch.

Call us on +44 (0) 1242 225 999 or email info@thechillidoctor.com

Fermented Capsicum Range (Seedless)
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Amarillo Mash 10/25/1000kg TCDAM02
Ready Birds Eye Mash - Red 10/25/1000kg TCDTM03
Ready Carolina Reaper Mash 10/25/1000kg TCDRM03
Ready Cayenne Mash 10/25/1000kg TCDCM02
Ready Chipotle Mash 10/25/1000kg TCDCM05
Ready Habanero Mash - Green 10/25/1000kg TCDHM02
Ready Habanero Mash - Orange 10/25/1000kg TCDOM03
Ready Habanero Mash - Red 10/25/1000kg TCDHM06
Pause Habanero Liquid - Red 10/25/1000kg TCDHL01
Ready Habanero Mash - Natural Vinegar (Seedless) 10/25/1000kg TCDHM09
Ready Jalapeño Mash - Green 10/25/1000kg TCDJM08
Ready Jalapeño Mash - Red 10/25/1000kg TCDJM04
Ready Naga Jolokia Mash 10/25/1000kg TCDJM10
Ready Scotch Bonnet Mash 10/25/1000kg TCDSM08
Ready Serrano Mash - Green 10/25/1000kg TCDSM07
Ready Trinidad Scorpion Mash 10/25/1000kg TCDSM06
Chilli Paste "New Product"
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Red Chilli Paste (Coarse) 1000kg (MOQ - IBC) STDPA01
Ready Red Chilli Paste (Fine) 1000kg (MOQ - IBC) STDPA02
Hot Filled Capsicum Range
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Ready Amarillo Paste 15kg CHILP04
Ready Rocoto Paste 15kg CHILP02
Thai Products - available on request and with minimum order quantities
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Stop Prik Jin Da (green) 20kg GCHPR01
Stop Prik Jin Da (red) 20kg TCDPM03
Stop Prik Kee Noo Suan (green) 20kg TCDPM01
Stop Prik Ka Reing (green) 20kg TCDPM02
Dehydrated Product Range
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Aleppo Chilli 1-3mm
Ready Aleppo Chilli 25kg ACHFL01
Ancho Chilli
Ready Whole (stemless) 7kg ACHWH04
Pause Flakes 3-6mm 25kg ACHGR06
Ready Powder ST 25kg ACHPD06
African Birds Eye (Piri Piri) Chilli
Ready Whole stemless ST 20kg PIRWH01
Ready Birds Eye Chilli Powder 25kg PIRPD01
Bullet Chilli
Ready Whole (Stemless) 9kg BCHWH01
Carolina Reaper
Ready Whole (stemless) 3kg CRCWH02
Ready Flakes 1kg CRCFL02
Ready Powder 1kg CRCPD02
Ready Cayenne Chilli Powder (8-12K SHU) 20kg STDCP01
Ready Cayenne Chilli Powder (15-20K SHU) 20kg STDCP02
Pause Whole stemless 8kg RCHWH01
Chipotle Chilli (EU Anthraquinone safe)
Ready Whole 7kg CHIWH01
Pause Flakes 3-6mm 10kg CHIFL01
Ready Powder ST (EU Anthraquinone safe – UK smoked) 15kg TCDCP03
De Arbol Chilli
Ready Whole stemless 5.5kg ACHWH05
Stop Powder 4 x 5kg ACHPD02
Guajillo Chilli
Ready Whole stemless 7kg GCHWH03
Stop Flakes 3-6mm 4 x 5kg GCHGR01
Ready Powder 20kg GCHPD02
Habanero Chilli
Ready Whole stemless 4kg HCHWH04
Ready Flakes 3 - 6mm 10kg HCHFL03
Ready Powder 20kg HCHPD03
Ready Jinta Powder 20kg JINPD01
Red Jalapeño Chilli
Ready Peru Powder (HT) 25kg JALPD07
Green Jalapeño Chilli
Ready Granules 1-3mm (ST) 20kg JALGR05
Ready Powder ST 20kg JALPD01
Ready Flakes 6 x 6 mm 15kg JALGR03
Kashmiri Chilli
Ready Whole Stemmed 5kg KCHWHO3
Ready Powder ST 25kg KCHPD02
Mulato Chilli
Ready Whole Stemless 7kg MCHWH02
Pause Flakes 3-6mm 4 x 5kg MCHFL01
Naga Chilli
Ready Whole 20kg NAGWH02
Ready Powder 1kg CHILL05
Ready Flakes 3-9mm 1kg NAGFL01
Pasilla Chilli
Ready Whole Stemless 7kg PCHWH02
Pause Whole 10KG PEQWH02
Scotch Bonnet
Ready Scotch Bonnet Whole 4kg SCBWH01
Ready Scotch Bonnet Powder 20kg SBCPD02
Ready Scotch Bonnet Flakes 10kg SCBFL01
S4 (Medium Indian)
Ready Whole Stemless 20kg SCHWH01
Ready Powder ST 25kg CHILL08
S17 Teja (Hot Indian)
Ready Whole Stemless 5kg TCHWH02
Ready Powder ST 25kg CHILL21
Stop Granules 1-3 mm 25kg TCHGR02
Trinidad Scorpion
Ready Whole (stemless) 4kg TSCWH02
Ready Powder 1kg TSCPD02
Ready Flakes 1mm 1kg TSCFL02
Wiri Wiri Chilli
Ready Wiri Wiri Chilli 8kg WIRWH01
Yidu Chilli
Ready Whole 8kg YCHWH01
Other Capsicums
Availability Name / Type Pack Size Code
Red Bell Pepper
Ready Powder 20kg RBPPD01
Ready 1-3mm 20kg RBPGR04
Ready 9x9mm 20kg RBPGR03
Green Bell Pepper
Ready 1-3mm 20kg GBPGR02
Paprika powder
Ready Powder 65 ASTA (ST) 25kg PAPPD02
Ready Powder 75 ASTA (ST) 25kg PAPPD04
Ready Smoked 120-140 ASTA 25kg PAPSM02
Brined Tear Drop Chilli Puree
Ready Red Tear Drop Chilli Puree (brined) 25kg TCDTB01