What is Viscosity?

Viscosity is the state of consistency, thickness and stickiness of a product. The state of viscosity is due to the product’s internal friction. The viscosity of tCD chili mashes has to be suitable for end use by customers.

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Why Does Chili Mash Viscosity Matter?

For some applications the viscosity of a mash is a critical feature e.g. if a mash is to be decanted into a bottle or jar and is too thick, it will not flow into the packaging easily or may not even flow at all.

Should processing a mash involve passing it through pipework, the viscosity will determine the rate of flow which can impact significantly on production efficiency.

What Affects Viscosity in Chilli Mashes?

  • Chillies contain naturally occurring pectin which affects viscosity and during mash maturation pectin levels are changed with changing acidity.
  • The amount of pectin in chillies is affected by the genetic factors of individual chilli varieties and environmental conditions during plant growth.

How does the Chilli Doctor Manage Mash Viscosity?

  • Having a great relationship with approved and experienced mash suppliers means if an issue were to arise with mash viscosity, we can work together to find a solution.
  • The Chilli Doctor Sales team are always there for customers and can offer advice on mash types and applications.
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