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Welcome to our Hot news blog. We will publish articles to celebrate the amazing gift of nature – chilli. From chilli of the month to showcasing our growers, we also have a section to cover anything interesting about chillies.

Chilli of the month – Amarillo

We start 2020 with our new Chilli Doctor blog and our first chilli of the month post.

When the Chilli Doctor began, our journey stared in Peru where chillies have grown for 7000 years. Chillies are a key element in the flavouring and colour of Peruvian cuisine.

The most commonly used (plus our own favourite) is the Amarillo Chilli ミ Capsicum Baccatum. 

It is one of the most beautiful chilli as it is a long elegant fruit which is a bright yellow orange in colour. 

The Amarillo chilli gives an aromatic fruit flavour and gentle heat.One of the main uses for the Amarillo Chilli is Huancaina Sauce which is a spicy cheese sauce commonly used over cold potatoes. The other major use of this sauce is as a dip or  a general go to sauce for everything. A little bit like ketchup but hotter and more exotic.

If you want to try and make it -click on the link below where you can see the ヤdaddyユ or Papa of La Huancaina is Gaston Acurio- a famous Peruvian chef and ambassador of Peruvian cuisine.