Hot Filled (Ready to eat) Capsicum Range

Our range of pastes and processed in a similar way to the fermented range i.e. fresh chillies are cleaned, mashed and screened and the addition of oil, salt or vinegar is made (We try to keep the additives kitchen friendly) and heated or retorted (heated in a pouch).

This format results in an ambient, stable ‘almost’ fresh chilli aroma and flavour so ideal for use in salad dressings, ready meals and similar sauces and condiments that are perhaps cold filled, chilled or frozen.

Thai Products

  • Prik Jin Da (Red & Green)
  • Prik Jin Da ‘Super Hot’ (Red)
  • Prik Kee Nu Suan (Green)
  • Prik Ka Rieng (Green)

Peruvian Products

  • Aji Amarillo (Yellow)
  • Aji Arnaucho Amarillo (Yellow)
  • Aji Arnaucho Morado (White Paste)
  • Aji Charapita (Red, Yellow & White – whole in brine)
  • Aji Dulce (Red)
  • Aji Limo (Red)
  • Aji Mochero (Green)
  • Aji Panca (Red)
  • Aji Rocoto (Red)

Brazilian Products

  • Malagueta (Red)
  • Pimenta de cheiro (Yellow)


  • Cartons or boxes – 2 poly inners, 15kg or 20kg