Fermented Capsicum Range

Fresh chillies are crushed with salt and left to ferment for 2- 6 months resulting in an intense and rich flavour when cooked.  This format is ambient stable (pH under 4) low cost ‘mash’ which is ideal when further processing takes place so ideal for sauces, salsas and other condiments. Competitively prices with all year round supply and more importantly providing a consistent heat level.

With Seeds

  • Amarillo (Yellow)
  • Cayenne (Red)
  • Chipotle (Red, with a dark, burgundy colour)
  • Habanero (Red)
  • Jalapeño (Green)
  • Naga Jolokia (Red)
  • Scotch Bonnet (Yellow)
  • Tabasco (Red)
  • Trinidad Scorpion (Red)

Without Seeds

  • Amarillo (Yellow)
  • Carolina Reaper (Red)
  • Cayenne (Red)
  • Habanero (Green)
  • Jalapeño (Red)
  • Tabasco (Green)


  • Habanero Juice (Red)
  • Sambal


  • Jerry Cans, IBC’s & tankers (flexi-tanks)
  • 10kg to 24,000kg available